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Bea social mediaHi, thank you for stopping by. My name is Bea, I am Polish, living in the United Kingdom together with my Polish husband and raising our six-year-old son bilingual in a monolingual family. I believe that sharing a common language from the start brings us together and allows our children to begin school at the same cognitive level as their monolingual peers. At the same time, I’m a strong supporter of bilingualism in children of migrants and I cannot imagine a situation when my child couldn’t speak my mother tongue.Malarz1

For this reason, for the first three years of our son’s life, I have been using my bespoke method to raise him bilingual. Based both on linguistic facts and my instinct as a mother, I introduced our son to two languages at the same time. I did this hoping to create a solid base for the further community introduction by the native speakers. A few years later, I started this blog, BornBilingual, because I wanted to help other migrant and refugee parents empower their children through bilingualism from birth.

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