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Bea Sieradzka is Polish living in the United Kingdom. Languages have always fascinated her and she studied Russian, English, German, and Latin (although now she can only claim fluency in English and Polish). Her keen interest in languages resulted in a master’s degree in Polish Studies, specialty Literary Studies and Linguistics. It turned out, however, that the five years of her studies were only the beginning of her adventure both with linguistics and languages.Bea Sieradzka img

When Bea’s son was born in the United Kingdom, despite speaking Polish as a family, she decided to introduce her little son to English right from the start. This is why, for the first three years of her son’s life she communicated with him either in Polish or in English, depending on the day and time. Today, her seven-year-old bilingual child is so proud of speaking two languages that last year he chose to learn Mandarin Chinese as his third language (and, what’s more important, he’s been learning since then!).


Hoping to encourage more parents and teachers to empower children with languages, Bea shares both her linguistic knowledge and her personal experience as a mother of a bilingual child. She continuously studies bilingualism and language learning to help people make informed decisions based on scientific evidence. Her blog provides information and research on bilingualism, multilingualism, and multiculturalism.


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