Here’s a short list of books and articles you might find interesting

  • Assessing Multilingual Children. Disentangling Bilingualism from Language Impairment
  • Genesee F., Nicoladis E., Bilingual First Language Acquisition
  • Genesee F., (2009). Early childhood bilingualism: Perils and possibilities. Journal of Applied Research on Learning, 2 (Special Issue), Article 2, pp. 1-21
  • Genesee F., What do we know about bilingual education for majority language students?
  • Grüter T., Paradis J., Input and Experience in Bilingual Development
  • Josiane F. Hamers and Michel H. A. Blanc, Bilinguality and Bilingualism
  • Kotulak R., Inside the Brain
  • Mechelli A., Nature 431. Oct. 13, (2004).
  • Paradis, J., Genesee, F., & Crago, M. (2011). Dual Language Development and Disorders: A handbook on bilingualism & second language learning.
  • Pearson, Fernandez, Lewedeg & Oller, 1997
  • Sebastián-Gallés N , Echeverría S, Bosch L. Journal of Memory and Language 52
  • The Handbook of Bilingualism
  • Thordardottir E., International Journal of Behavioral Development
  • Unsworth S., Language dominance in bilinguals: Issues of measurement and operationalization. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Unsworth S., Quantity and quality of language input in bilingual language development





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