Bilingual Child’s Languages Develop Independently

When children learn two languages from birth each language develops independently and at a rate that is strictly related to the quality of the child’s exposure to each language.


Let’s Play English. Teaching Children with English as an Additional Language

Tips on How to Make Teaching English as an Additional Language Effective

How I Started Teaching My Child Chinese as a Non-Native Speaker

A Polish mum and an immigrant shares her story about how she taught her little son English and how she is now teaching him Chinese.

Two Languages in a Brain are Better than One

How to bring up your child bilingual: don’t follow the received wisdom.

New Year’s Plan for Parents of Bilingual and Multilingual Children

10 point New Year's Plan for parents of bilingual and multilingual children.

Top 6 Language Learning Apps: Mummy’s Pick

Our top 6 Language Learning Apps. Using the latest technology is the cost-effective way to teach and reinforce new languages.

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